Tuesday, March 17, 2020

On prayer and Coronavirus (and owning cats)

Before I begin: There is nothing wrong with people praying for the Coronavirus to go away.
But here's a story I've been told:
In a small village parish in Mount Lebanon, a woman goes to the priest and asks for him to pray for her because she's got mice in her house. "Well, lady, I will pray for you, but there's nothing wrong with owning a cat!".
Which brings us to the many people imploring the Christian Maronite Saint Charbel, or the Shiite holy figure Imam Ali (I am not sure what other sects or denominations are imploring) to help them rid of the problem. Once more, I have no issue with that, but there's "nothing wrong with owning a cat" - meaning staying indoors amid the curfew to "flatten the curve" of the disease and stop it from spreading further etc... Naturally, it looks as if I am negating the power of prayer, to me "if it works for you, great, but please wash your hands and stay at a considerable distance from me". As someone who is diabetic, I don't need further complications, so prayer or no prayer, you can catch me at home. Better yet, don't catch me there, we will meet once all this is over or at least more calm.