Monday, March 16, 2020

Lebanon is under Coronavirus lockdown, mostly

Lebanon is under Coronavirus lockdown, if you take away the people who were strolling on the corniche yesterday, or those who have hopped off the AUB beach fence (which to be clear is closed), or those interviewed on television saying that "Corona did not reach us", or those that chimed "Lebanon has always lived with germs so what's new?", or the doctor I know who is saying that it is much ado about nothing, or the popular singer Ragheb Alamah who advocated home-staying one day only to do bicycle in the open air the next when he was supposed to be on the skyping with a journalist about the importance of staying home. So yeah, Lebanon is under Coronavirus lockdown basically. Between capital controls, an incredible storm, the Coronavirus, the political upheavals, 2020 has been such a challenging year! And we are still mid-March.