Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Le pré - sips of nature

Well, this is a surprise: As far as I know, Le Pré is a new brand in the Lebanese market and I stand corrected if it is not so. But launching a natural juice at this time is nothing but gutsy (do not know if it is natural juice but certainly the packaging and branding both imply upper bracket juice - hence "natural"). With a signature like "sips of nature" as well, this certainly implies a "fancy" brand. Well, whereas limited, the ads show immediately as the absence of other ads in town makes any ad prominent these days! Here's my two cents: With a name like Le Pré, they missed the opportunity to use the classic French expression "le bonheur est dans le pré" - I know what you will say, "this will make it uppity French", but ahem, what language is Le Pré to begin with?