Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Kiehl's Lebanon - when good intentions go astray

Kiel's  Lebanon has a new initiative - it will donate 5000 Lebanese Liras upon your purchase to IRAP. The initiative the laudable. The problem is how they portrayed it. Please look here. This is exactly how hearing people imagine how non-hearing people live and behave. Oh and getting "influencers" on board irritates me as hell.
I have 57 and 62% hearing loss. I have been wearing a hearing aid since 2007, lately I had to replace it by two such aids, which were exorbitantly expensive, and after installing them I was told that they will only allow me to regain 80% of my hearing.
So no, Kiehl's and your influencers (who suffer no hearing disabilities) this is not what hearing loss is.
It is having a fight with a family member because, after making them repeat the same sentence three times, you still don't know they want, it is stopping driving and reducing mobility because other drivers are no longer predictable for you (especially in Lebanon), it is decreasing your socializing because all sounds mix together at the pub, it is to have someone quasi illiterate laugh at you when you graduated from three reputable universities like me, it is to unconsciously look at anyone talking to you because you are reading their lips without realizing it, and the list goes on.
I repeat, Kiehl's - your initiative is laudable, but this "snobbish" way (for lack of a better term) of illustrating it which lacks empathy, respect and compassion really insults people who have hearing disabilities like me.
And by the way, anyone who wishes to reply to me on this article, unless you have a hearing disability I am not listening - yeah that's a pun.
And I am really pissed now.