Tuesday, February 11, 2020

In Lebanon, our peace is a bit violent

Abou el Marajel - artwork by Tarek Chemaly (from the series 3 bi 1)
This is a real discussion with Nawal (on instagram), the ever illumminated woman behind depot-vente, who also happens to be a friend. Her original post was:
"Peace is a concept that indicates a state of tranquility but also the lack of perturbation, trouble, war and conflict. It also corresponds to a social and political idea."
So I answered "so peace does not include - let's kill those mother****ers?"
"Haha nooo... I just want us to win without losing people" answered efusively Nawal sticking to her point.
"Bah! Peace in Lebanon is a bit more violent than that!" I retorted.
But just to be honest, there are two sayings in Lebanese idiom to prove my point:
"Iza ma kebrit ma btosghar" - unless a problem gets big it does not get resolved.
"Ma elak sa7ib ella ba3d atle" - you only get a friend after a major beating.
See? I told you peace was a bit troublesome in Lebanon! Ideally, we would  need more Nawals. Practically, I am here to help.