Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Wassim Ghandour (Gandour) opens fire on Snickers (and gets away with it)

Actually that was funny, Wassim Ghandour (of the famed Gandour products) just opened fire on Snickers and got away with it. Mr Ghandour actually is saying that since Gandour (biscuits, chocolates) are the pride of our national production shops should order it faster than they are flying off the shelves - he goes on to market his own biscuits and ends up riffing the Snickers line (when hunger hits you hit it back not with a Snickers but with a Gandour product).
My theory that he picked Snickers is because his company still did not make a chocolate inspired by it. Let me exhibit my case: Safari is inspired from Lion Bar, Pik-One is a dissimulated KitKat (originally called Zig Zag - name changed after a litigation with the original Rowntree who owns/ed Kitkat!), Queen is a dissimulated Choco Prince Lu, their Hawaii is a pseudo-Bounty, Tofiluk is a sort of Twix, and their Tarboush is le petit Perrier. See? No Snickers in sight.
Still he gets a pass because it was funny.