Monday, December 9, 2019

On an incurable failure (sorry, Fawwaz Trabulsi!)

Artwork by Tarek Chemaly
So it snowed on the tarmac of the airport. The two photos, distributed originally on the Middle East Airlines (MEA) digital accounts were enough to make everyone mushy! The same people and instagram accounts who were calling the MEA as all sorts of names, accusing their management of all possible wrongs, and using the sarcastic "MEA Whale" (whale means "7out" in Arabic in reference to the family name of the company's president - just to note I personally experienced nothing bad from the company so I refrain from any criticism, on the contrary all my trips there were really optimal!), are now gushing and mellowing over the photos snow on the airport tarmac, with appropriate tags about the dreamed Lebanon and what not.
So there's that the "revolution" news of the day, some pre-winter melancholy about snow and planes and an "ideal" Lebanon that never existed and some accompanying hastags. Fawwaz Trabulsi has a beautiful book entitled "On an incurable hope" - sorry, when you can change the moods of a whole revolution with photos about snow on the tarmac, this makes these people "snowflakes"! And that is an incurable failure.