Sunday, November 10, 2019

Lama Assaf and Lama Bawadi come up with exceptional upside down copy

Prior to the revolution:
"We are different sects and religions
But we refuse the idea that
We did a revlution to be in a civic fair state
Tomorrow history will be a witness that
Is more important than
No matter what
The leader is a god
We will not be convinced that
Our leaders and our bosses have wronged their people and their country"
After the revolution (read from bottom to top!)

The above is an excellent sample of copywriting... As someone who adores words I tip my hat to Lama Assaf and Lama Bawadi.
The small tiny problem is that the upside down technique was used prior - by Lopez Murphy in his presidential campaign in 2003 and then was "borrowed" (ahem!) for 14 March. Don't believe me? Look below!