Thursday, September 12, 2019

The majestic Baalbeck exhibition at Sursock Museum

It lasts until September 22, so hurry up and visit it! What can I say? I entered the Sursock museum expecting a lecturesque exhibition about Baalbeck, and came up mind blown as to how vivid the city was portrayed. As I entered the room, the first fragment is historical, but in a new multimedia-activated way. But turn the first corner and prepare to be more amazed! Currency with Baalbeck on it? Check. Stamps with Baalbeck on it? Check. A whole room with the mesmerizing memorablia related to the festival? Movies shot there? Interviews with city inhabitants? Check on all fronts. And an incredible, breezy, scenography (something which sadly eluded some exhibitions a the museum lately) where you simply go on an organized trajectory as you experience different facets in the city. A tremendous, emotionally moving show.