Saturday, September 14, 2019

Jaune misses the mark with #Jaunenobles

It could be that the old communication team left, or perhaps suddenly the brand (Jaune) has become devoid of taste, or an extreme cost-cutting measure... No matter the reason #Jaunenobles is a fiasco. The brand, which not long ago was potraying itself as minimalist (but not a "less is bore" minimalist brand), and would take us yearly to aspirational settings (hint: in 2016 it was my own pop world they entered!).
Now? To be honest I scratch my head as to the meaning of this. All this seems like a throwback to a La Redoute 80s layout - without the funkiness that La Redoute had - with a copy that makes my heart ache all done and a setting that both, fails to sell the clothing properly and fails to sell the mood (just to be clear I have nothing against fashion selling mood - just look at the Hermes magazine, pages upon pages of photography that sells a theme so much that in the end, you want to go there and buy coat from Hermes to walk into those forests you just saw!). Still, this is a sad degeneration on many fronts.
I am hoping this is a passing episode, but judging from precursor signs, I think not.