Saturday, July 13, 2019

Dine with strangers, a new social concept in Lebanon

A long long time ago, when a restaurant in Lebanon wanted to put itself in an old house, they had to renovate it as it was pseudo-torn down. When they encased it within an iron cage, which is the classical method of rebuilding, a light-bulb lit inside the investors' heads. Why not transform this into a mock prison with a gigantic solo table on a first-come first-served basis where strangers simply were forced to mingle with one another simply by the virtue of geographical proximity. Alas, the idea did not last. But here we are, in 2019, someone else trying to pull a similar feat to an audience which hopefully is more receptive. Introducing "dine with strangers" the concept where people who do not know each other go book a place around a convivial table with limited places, where a nice menu is set, where they enjoy the venue, with people they do not know, and indeed - the food. Places are limited it seems so it is quite an intimate affair. Find them and book the on their instagram account.