Monday, June 10, 2019

Sesobel gets itself a winner due to a sad reason.

An institution like Sesobel that cares for children with disabilities can do any spot and still stir "pity". So what do they do? They went the harder way, the one that goes "dignity". Children in a classroom, yes at times throwing tantrums (trust me, all children throw tantrums), seconds later they go to laughing mode with their friends - like their real, kind, embracing friends. Sesobel scores its winning by adding a line on Instagram "if those on earth abandon us, those in heaven will not". What is sad is that it seems Sesobel is closing due to lack of funds, hence the bitter tone of the line. The beauty of the ad is the simplicity, the emotion, the rawness, and - naturally - the dignity through it all. Do watch it here.