Thursday, June 13, 2019

DeFacto clothing comes with a bold statement on gender equality

DeFacto is here with a bang! "who wears the pants in your relationship?"  wow - bold for sure! Naturally it is a clothing ad so it is a double-entendre, and sadly the slogan is a little to crammed in the layout to pop up as much as it should. To those who do not know the meaning of the expression, wearing the pants (a piece of clothing associated with males) means "the one who takes decisions". But this indeed is a very provoking message. This reminds me of an old caricature in La Revue du Liban where a woman is telling her friend - "It is Bernard wears the pants, but I am the one who tells him which ones to wear". When it comes to the equality of the genders, DeFacto just opened Pandora's box!