Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Douze - rent me at $45

A while back Douze set out some golden rules on their billboards to advertisers about how to do their billboards. One was "six words or less". Which makes their own new billboard "figures speak louder than words rent me at $45" - if I am counting correctly this is more than 6 words. Now long time ago it was that one needed more than 600 billboards to make one's campaign visible so much the market was clogged. I doubt the same number still holds in today's different panorama. Yet, to be worth the while of printing the ad, designing it, coming up with it creatively, that could still be worth several hundred billboards. So it is cheap? Honestly I got no clue - but when multipied by hundreds plus design and print, 45 suddenly becomes your normal rate: i.e. about 18-20,000 per campaign. Which is the figure that normally trends. Again, I could be mistaken. And stand corrected.