Saturday, April 13, 2019

Zara - online shopping soon in Lebanon

Now that is interesting. Zara has - on its Lebanese segment of its website - a disclaimer that goes:
Hello Lebanon soon you shall be able to shop online in May
Zara invites (the you is missing in Arabic!) to join it to get its latest news as soon as it is out
Well, that is quite some development. I mean this presupposes that there is enough Lebanese with credit cards, enough people who know what they want and will not go back exchanging it (how? in store?), enough willing to pay for delivery and the list goes on. I am intrigued to see how this stratagem will work - what are its details. Personally, and due to my awkward size I never shop online (save for rarities!) so I need to really try the item to see if it fits or not. But still, this is a major development.