Friday, April 12, 2019

Talaya - water dipped in politics

Just to be clear - I am  not a fan of this "Product of the year" thingy. There is an element of "pay to play" that annoys me there which skews the results immensely. This being said the Talaya ad is kind of cute, "who said the Lebanese do not know how to vote?" (a legitimate question when you see our political class!). Now - whereas I said the ad is kind of lighthearted and cute I am starting to get a little over my head in all brands dipping their toe in politics.
Let me give an example, my own take on this would have been "el lebnene bye3ref ta3met temmo" ("bye3ref ta3met temmo" is a local expression to say one has strong taste buds). See? It flatters the audience, the brand and is an all-round winner without the politics.