Monday, March 18, 2019

Lebanese Forces goes after marital rape

It seems the Lebanese Forces are after incriminating marital rape. There are two modes of thinking: the first says "make a law and people will abide by it" and the other goes "fix the mentality and the law is just an addition to it". Let me show you this ad by Abaad to portray how a raped woman is seen socially. See? She was called everything - slut, easy, he fucked her and let her go, etc... Now the other aspect is - and let us be honest - the law enforcement. Let us say a woman goes there and says "my husband raped me" - can you imagine the fit of laughter? her. husband. raped. her. I mean it's a joke, she is supposed to do what her husband wants, "look at my wife, she always comes back begging for more" you can hear one of the guys already saying. Which brings us to - this is a top down approach, and no, even if we make a law it does not improve the situation if you ask me.