Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Jalsaghar album Atypicalman is out!

And here we are, the Jalsaghar album "Atypicalman" is out.
Check it, sample it & buy it here!
Jalsaghar (The Music Room in bengali, inspired by Satyajit Ray's film) is the solo project of Parisian-based composer, producer and performer Jérémie Regnier.
Born of a passion for theatrical performance and 1960 and 70's psych, rock and baroque pop, Jalsaghar's songwriting and performances explore an intimate aesthetic of decadence and washed-out splendor.
You might remember Jérémie Regnier as part of the local Lebanese sensation "The New Government" in the mid oughts, or as composer of the Haussmann Tree (a rock project which was built around my own poems, humbly) along with his brother Thimotee (now known as indie artist "Rover").
Now all on his own, Jérémie is out with his own debut album. And yes, some lyrics are indeed mine.
It's been a long ride, but here we are.  The sound is louche, lugubre, and certainly adult, which is forged by age, experience and that sensation of wandering that engulfs the whole album. I am glad I was part of this project - even from afar.