Sunday, October 14, 2018

Lebanese blogs shuts down

Lebanese blogs is no more.
So what does this tell you about the state of  blogging when the aggregate site shuts down?
Mustafa left a message for all of us:
"Everything has to end, but it was a great ride. Thank you to the readers who kept visiting daily, and to the bloggers who contributed their content. Nothing would have been possible without you."
Surely, the dynamics have changed enomously since we started as a community - almost none of us endured. There's still very few and in between ones holding the fort, however basically it is pseudo-kaput in the classical way.
Make no mistake, we can still have an altenative news-spreading community, however it is different than the shape it took earlier. Now we spread out content over facebook, or twitter or linkedin since few are the readers who come to us these days (we need to go to them these days).
And of course Instagram only made things more visual-oriented so those who read full sentences are fewer and fewer (mind you I am on instagram only with a different content).
I do not lament what happened, things do change.
I still feel I am most in control when I blog which is why I keep updating almost daily. I did evolve with time, even if I am not too tech-friendly. However the core nature of info and style did not change.
In the end, news delivered in a professional way will always find an audience.
"It was good while it lasted" Mustafa said, indeed it was. I persevere however!