Monday, October 15, 2018

BLOM - for those who still believe the Lebanese is a special breed

BLOM Bank has a new ad. Watch it here before I go on. The main idea of the ad is one many - many - Lebanese people root for: We are a special breed. You know the saying "kif ma zattayto byeje we2ef" (no matter how he throws him he lands on his feet) which is applied apparently to all Lebanese as per the saying in question.
The film is a mix and match of many things - I really loved the experimental screen-on-screen images or that lovely surprising old footage of the tramway on Bliss Street. Some other bits were very predictable for a bank: I am at this stage to quote President Trump "tired of winning" - meaning if I am going to see one more ad with people receiving awards I will shoot someone (not me, I still want to live, thank you!).
So for those in favor of the idea of how special and unique we are, this ad is for you.
For the skeptikal ones, enjoy the production value.