Thursday, August 30, 2018

Byblos Bank Award for Photography finalists announced.

Adonis Aoun, Christina Assi, Laeticia Al Hakim, Najib Hilal, Rhea Hleihel, Betty Ketchedjian, Hadi Moussaly, Melanie Mrad, and Loukman Nasreddine have all made it to the finalists of the Byblos Bank Award for Photography for the 2018 edition. Judging from the photos given to the press this year promises to be a vintage one (we all know it is not the case, but I teach at university level and some years are great others lackluster).
The jury this year is headed by Mr. Tritan Lund (art consultant specializing in photography and Discovery section curator at Photo London), and the results will be out on September 23rd, 2018. In its seven editions the award saw more than 600 photographers presenting more than 4000 artistic works which eventually produced 75 finalists.
So forza for this year's edition!