Monday, June 4, 2018

ESLA - the leasing option and the real estate in Lebanon

"Rent now buy later" in English it is plainly written as "leasing" (the rent-to-buy option) - what's with Sayfco imploding and Badawi Group in deep terrain, ESLA is offering a leasing option for its Boutchay Hills project. Obviously with the ad stating "for the first time in Lebanon" leasing does not exist yet in the Lebanese market so this is a novelty (leasing does not exist in any sector by the way, not even the automotive), and not sure how this functions technically (if Banque de l'Habitat or iskan is involved or if one can take a regular bank loan for it) or if this can curtail the many issues plaguing the real estate market. Still, a novelty is a novelty. Interestingly, the domain (internet domain that is) which was previously owned by ESLA (Elias Saad Leading Association) has actually expired.