Saturday, February 10, 2018

Tayyar tightens its screws and produces an excellent campaign

That I was lukewarm about the first campaign of the Free Patriotic Movement (Tayyar Al Watani Al Hurr - or Tayyar for short) is an understatement. The campaign did not even understand what democracy is and how it functions with the electorate. Thankfully, someone must have heard my impassioned plea and Tayyar came back swinging with this beautiful campaign. Sure, there is nothing "groundbreaking" about it you might say, but, duh! Why should there be? In Lebanon political parties speak only to their own electorate.
"We go on... Nothing can stand in our way. The strong "current"" (current means tayyar or movement in Arabic). There! The imagery is standard but implies vigor and determination. The typography immediately recognizable from the many previous ads.
The message, quite invigorating, makes those who already believe in Tayyar justify their faith.
Well done!