Friday, February 23, 2018

Suitsupply and the kiss heard around the world.

You know the expression, "the b****-slap heard around the world" - well Suitsupply is offering a kiss heard around the world. The outrage is so enormous over their SS18 campaign they lost 12,000 instagram followers. Now that is interesting, were they advocating terrorism, or pornography, or child abuse, or incest - nope they were showing love. Except the love in question was between two men! (Gasp!). OK, just for the record, Oliviero Toascani did this in 2006 (full disclosure I worked with his team during my Benetton Colors Magazine 6-year stint), for Rare brand of clothing.
So there, a kiss stir the world and be labelled as a "degradation of culture". You have been warned.