Friday, February 23, 2018

Are these Nabih Berri elections ads?

Now that is a little strange, Nabih Berri, the speaker of our parliament since 1992 is issuing what appears to be election ads or some sort of let's-make-up-after-a-brawl after the spat he had with the president of the republic Michel Aoun when the president's son in law (who happened to be a minister in the government) called Berri a "crony" (are you following?).
Now the ads say "national unity is the basis of the preservation of the nation" which is not exactly the most inspiring or luminary quote, but which could be a wink as to the "let's not get this out of proportion as the country is already walking on a tight rope" - oh and the ads are not even in regions which has Berri voters (Berri is elected via Chiaa Muslim voters in the South of Lebanon) but rather in the Christian areas where he is not even running (and which are filled with potential voters for the Aoun party).
So, are these election ads?