Monday, November 27, 2017

In defense of Sandwich w Noss "baghl" (mule) ad

It was to be anticipated. Sandwich w Noss issued one of those quirky ads which are too funny but someone was bound to be hurt. First let me tell you, as someone with hearing deficiency, who wears glasses, and is diabetic, I do not take illnesses lightly. But I am the first to be the butt of my own jokes. Which is why I think everyone should lighten up about a cute ad which basically how "90% has become gluten intolerant". Actually the whole ad mocks how everyone has gone upscale and classy hence them hiring "someone who speaks French in their Hamra branch" and what not. Basically, the joke in the ad is not about the customers but more like Sandwish w Noss taking themselves lightly - OK fine they mention the word "mule" in the ad - get over it. I personally love it. So please, as SNL said it best "You’re acting like someone put gluten in your muffin”.