Friday, November 17, 2017

Celebrity endorsements from years back #flashback

Originally published 22/4/13
Empire Magazine ran a wonderful story years and years back,: They commissioned their writer to go to Rodeo Drive armed with just 5 Dollars and see what he could buy with it (the idea was inspired by the movie "Pretty Woman"). He tried several shops including a perfume store which was selling the Micheal Jordan perfume and the writer wittingly asks - "so when I wear it, I end up smelling like him?"... An exasperated shop assistant answers, "no, but you will be endorsed by him". So for those of you who think celebrity endorsement is new to the region, check these vintage ads.
Singer Magida is the face of Coca-Cola - I guess she must have been the Nancy Ajram of her day back when she was single and cute (Nancy not Magida).
Aziza Amir (dubbed as "the premiere star of the Middle East" in the ad) and Chadia (famed singer and actress) are sleeping on a bed from Mobilia Abbas. I am trying to fend off ideas of lesbianism, but I can't.
And even the Grande Dame of Oriental singing was not immune to this! She was selling "Naboulsi Farouk" (Naboulsi is the soap made from olive oil and originates from Nablous in Palestine)....
See? All of these are good reasons to end up buying the product. And if you must know, the writer from Empire Magazine ended up buying a cup of coffee (without tips!) with his money.