Thursday, November 16, 2017

BBAC Bank rebrands, "phones home" in a new ad

BBAC Bank has changed logo into a more dynamic entity, less rigid more "infinity" based with two interwinding semi-circles. The font is even more robust but also a bit more "open" and enticing. So on the whole an interesting job in tune with what other institutions are doing. Not only this, they also have a new long TV ad to celebrate this, which is one of those inspirational content jobs that - again - other institutions are doing. At least their Voice Over is a bit more down to earth than their pompous competitors, but since such ads end up running in loop on screens and without sound in the bank's branches, not sure this will create any difference in the long run. Thing is, apparently they ended it with an ET movie shot - so perhaps they were saying "phone home" but unable to articulate it. Mothership landing to follow.