Friday, November 3, 2017

505, 518, 522 - crimes are numbers

So there is an ad on the streets which is against "article 505, which involves sex with a minor who is 15 years of age", and the articles 518 and (the already scrapped) 522 which deal with "the rape of a virgin by means of deception is potentially subject only to a fine (article 518). [and as a reminder] If a rapist marries his victim following the crime, the law exonerates him (article 522)". The good this is that after major pressure, the 522 has been already scrapped, and the ad above (attributed among others to Kafa) goes against "all the ramifications of the article 522".
Now I am not sure we have mugshots in Lebanon, but that was a clever way to portray the three laws and whereas I am for deleting these silly laws which reflect an archaic mentality, my issue is that, to begin with 522 has been deleted. Which the ad does not fully state. And to me going on a three axis battle (505, 518, 522) is akin to how the tol3et ri7etkon movement lost its traction. By wanting to change a million things at the same time while in the beginning it was focused solely on the garbage problem which was infesting the streets (hence the name "you smell").
The most powerful aspect of the ad though is the headline "the articles are different and the crime is one" which is a direct reference to Walī al-Dīn Yakan and his famous article "the reasons are different and the death is one" about the death of three women due to silly reasons (one of which is a husband forbidding his wife to be treated by a male doctor hence leading to her demise). It is to note that the first time the words "the reasons are different and the death is one" were written they were from the poet Ibn Nabata Al Saadi.
The ad is perfectly punchy but trying to kill several birds in one stone is not a good strategy.