Wednesday, September 20, 2017

#makesmallvictories with The Makers account of Byblos Bank

This is interesting: For once a bank is thinking on the ground. And it is talking to youth at the same time. The Makers account aimed at the youth who are just starting out from Byblos Bank is emphasizing change, but not in the let's-invent-an-app-then-sell-it-for-a-billion, no it is really advocating smart, manageable change, one that be integrated within the current lifestyle one leads. The ad above says "change hobbies", so yes, explore photography all while working from 9 to 5, or wherever you are. Fulfill your ambitions but don't let them derail your current job - in other words? Be responsibile! Or #makesmallvictories - who said "think small" does not sell?