Thursday, July 6, 2017

Mohamed Abdel Salam gives Coldplay an Arabic treatment.

Mohamed Abdel Salam is no ordinary Coldplay fan who comes from Egypt, he also happens to be a graphic designer, digital art director, and online marketing designer. So combining all of these, Abdel Salam eventually "Arabized" Coldplay works in the posters above (gathered originally on Stepfeed). Give some love to Abdel Salam by liking his Behance projects!
All of this reminds me of the work of Beirut 5 Ampere dating back to 2012.
All works by Beirut 5 Ampere
Just in case you were busy with the Baalbeck, Byblos, and Beiteddine, you might have missed this series of awesome concerts offered by the guys from - namely "Jimmy Almouhandrix", Led Zeppelin singing "Mar2ad anze" LP tour (too difficult to explain) including the hit single "Sellom bel 3ard" (holding the latter vertically - but also a word play on "Stairway to heaven"). Oum Koulsoum will grace Madison Square Garden in an effort to ease up Michele Bachmann anti-Islamic witch hunt, and Pink Floyd (yes, the old line up) will be doing the audio-visual bonanza of "Dark side of Bhamdoun" including the hits "See Oum Elie play" (as a reference to "See Emily play" - one of the very rare songs along Billy Idol's "Dancing with myself" which tackle the topic of... playing with one's self!) - do note the difference in pricing for Lebanese and Gulf tourists however. Tickets to be sold at Whore Megastore flagship branch in Martyrs' square. Start queuing!