Monday, July 17, 2017

Hassan-Behrouz Bureu-Lavassany miniaturist works #flashback

(C) Hassan-Behrouz Bureu-Lavassany
Today it is truly a pleasure for me to introduce the works of Hassan-Behrouz Bureu-Lavassany, a man who is a "miniaturist" - his oeuvres are nothing short of mesmerizingly beautiful, intricate in details, rich in meanings, perfectly composed, and from which emanates this feeling of longing and freedom all at once. Sadly, for copyright reasons I had to downsize the works which make some of their details be less visible. Still, even with this impediment in mind, the amount of labour that goes into each one of them is an act of love by itself.
You will be surprised that Hassan lives and works in Lebanon, and whereas he is not the person to seek the spotlight - preferring to spend hours upon hours working as opposed to bragging - his exhibition at the French Cultural Center several years back attracted tens of thousands of visitors dwarfing every other exhibition in scale.