Monday, July 31, 2017

Art, sweetened, condensed.... #flashback

After Alexander Calder

After Andy Warhol

After Ellsworth Kelly

After Henri Matisse

After Bridget Reiley

After Claude Viallat

After David Hockney

After Jeff Koons

After Josef Albers

After Kasimir Malevich

After Louise Bourgeois

After Man Ray

After Marcel Duchamp

After Mark Rothko

After Niki de Saint Phalle

After Patrick Caulfield

After Paul Klee

After Piet Mondrian

After Rene Magritte

After Richard Hamilton

After Roy Lichtenstein

After Tracey Emin

After Wassily Kandinsky

After Victor Vasarely

After Sol LeWitt
Originally published: 15/11/15
All works by Tarek Chemaly, size: 1000x20000 pixels, please click to enlarge. Every effort has been taken not to infringe any copyright pertaining to the original oeuvres. All these works were done on paintbrush following a simple question from a student: "Enno, lachou el histoire de l'art?" (Seriously, why do we even bother with art history?).