Monday, June 19, 2017

Volvo has a new selling line - and I am blown! (UPDATE)

Volvo has a new ad for its XC60 model.... The ad is long but the length serves to drive a point with scenes interlocking and at one point a little confusing in their chronology. "Sometimes the moments that never happen matter the most" as the ad focuses on the new safety measures inside the car. I am not going to spoil the action for you, but what blew me away was the new tagline: Made by Sweden.
Some might argue "oh it is a grammatical mistake" to which I reply "think different" (the selling line of Apple) is in itself a grammatical error (should have been think differently).
The line is nothing short of amazing, it is not "made in Sweden" - no, that would have been too direct - it is "made by Sweden", the whole country, the entire culture, the complete heritage, the full legacy. By changing this small twist, the whole meaning of the sentence got amplified, changed, got turbo charged (sorry, a car pun!). The line could be to offset the fact that Volvo was bought by a Chinese company, but still, I am nothing short of amazed!
PS - it has been pointed out to me that this line was introduced in 2014! But it flew under my radar for so long, so mea culpa!