Thursday, April 13, 2017

Raya AbiRached is everywhere these days!

Wow! Raya AbiRached seems to be everywhere - and that's of course very welcome. If you haven't noticed she is presenting Arabs Got Talent, which happens to be sponsored by Himalaya Neem Face Wash which has Raya as a main celebrity in the advertising (the whole concept of the ad seems to be taken from the behind-the-scenes at Arabs Got Talent)... So you get to see Raya in the commercial breaks as well in her presenting presona no less.
And if this was not enough, she is now a Voice Over in the new Arabic version of the Smurfs movie....

We are a long way from News With Raya when it was a short segment in a John Saad presented show on MTV way back then.... Which goes to say how smartness and brand management can get you far!