Saturday, March 4, 2017

USEK students shine in Nissan ad

Tatiana Karam, Margueritta Sleiman, Maria El Ferekh - with the help of Joanne Baumier who was sadly absent in the last session - came up with two gems of an ad for Nissan. The selling line in English was "based on a true story" which related to everyday consumer and how he/she spends his day relying on the car, and in Arabic "deyme bi dyarkon" (may it be a staple in your house - a traditional Arabic greeting said at the end of a happy gathering).
The two above "It takes two" and "she loves you back" (bit7ebak hiyye kamen) are from Maria Khalil, Paulette Taoum, Maria Maksoud, Rebecca Samarani and Karl Wehhbe (who was absent in the last session). Lovely and to the point!
The texts are moving and emotional in both languages and offer a new positioning for the brand. Elegant and uplifting, I am elated my students can perform so well - and to consider this was just an academic exercise!