Friday, March 3, 2017

McDonald's - avoids advertising for lent (again)

Year in year out we get the same advertising(s) at the time of lent. Special offer on fish from McDonald's or other chains. Bah, the ad is so-so to begin with, but what kills me is the hypocrisy that surrounds it - what is wrong with advertising for people who fast on red meat during lent? When was the last time a Christian got turned away asking for the Ramadan offer? Never. So just as you say "Ramadan offer" why not say "lent offer"! Which reminds me of this post originally published 20/2/2012
Well, finally someone had the courage to say it as it is... We all know that during lent  or al siam (the period of fasting which starts today and last until Saturday before Easter) many Christians abstain from eating "red" meat and focus on "white meats" such as fish which is why international chains give us the fish menu - or the ads of it - during this time (this blog has reviewed them so many times that the matter ended up being "fishy") but finally, someone really said things as they are: "Only during lent" goes the Classic Burger Joint. YES, of course! Why suddenly there's a proliferation of ads about fish menus? Because of the above mentioned reason naturally. Somehow everyone is too shy to say it. And even went a bit further than expected visually and inserted the fish symbol as early Christians used to draw it (which has now become this):
Maybe that's one step too far but well, someone at least has the courage to reveal the reason behind their ad.