Monday, February 27, 2017

Alfa 4G Plus: More empowering for a generation that does not need it!

Is there anything millennials cannot do? Live rent free, eat (gluten-free) muffins, sip expensive coffee (with allowance from parents), be "entrepreneurs", and the list continues. The new Alfa 4G Plus TVC seems the embodiment of the "yes, we can" to the cocooned generation that refuses to become butterflies. With sportsman Sylvio Chiha as the mascot of the movement, I see it (and take this from the perspective of someone who is daily in touch with kids who "want to decamp to Berlin and play drums there" or "I see myself in Paris doing design" abstract plans with no blueprints whatsoever) as more empowering for people who have little perspective on life or how it is to be lived within the realm of the "real world" - the place where mommies and daddies are not a phone call away and who jump to the "rescue" for everything (which is usually a nothing).