Sunday, January 8, 2017

Deyem Deyem - epiphany traditions #flashback

Originally published 6/1/13
Do you still practice those traditions? On the night of January 5th-6th which is known as epiphany or where Jesus got baptized in the river of Jordan, it is a tradition in Lebanese Christian houses to put some dough outside the house without yeast it in and a bottle of water. The story has it that Jesus passes by the houses fermenting the dough and blessing the water. The usual greeting the next day is "el deyem deyem" - the everlasting is everlasting. Famed Lebanese author Maroun Abboud has a very known story about this. So for today, "el deyem deyem".
Originally published 6/1/16
Yesterday night, on a whim, I decided to do the customary epiphany greeting in Lebanon in Arabic typography which is "deyem deyem" - (may the) everlasting (be) everlasting. According to legend Jesus passes from house to house blessing them so people put bottles of water and dough outside. So "deyem deyem" to all of you.