Saturday, December 24, 2016

Whisky Christmas nostalgia

" ingle bells... Holidays aren't the same without J&B"
But there was another incredible one, sadly I cannot find it, it came from Bell's whisky...
The TVC shows a man putting his whisky on the table, in a rustic house surrounded by falling snow (that we see from the window), the church tower bells ring to strike midnight and the line goes "what would Christmas be without Bell's".
Another favorite (also from the 80s, like Bell's) is for Johnnie Walker: A man (hot shot manager as we see from the surroundings) is writing a Christmas card with a golden pen as the Johnnie Walker bottle is about to be wrapped next to him. He pauses, pours himself a glass and we see him wrapping the pen (without a box), the line goes "some gifts are too good to give away".
So here's a recap of some whisky nostalgia.