Friday, December 9, 2016

USEK students shine in installation art

USEK students of the Installation Art course manage a beautiful act - a work that is accessible, comprehensible, but also deep and meaningful. "kan ot3et sama" which speaks of Lebanon as "was a piece of heaven" as a reference to the late Wadih El Safi song but adding "was" to it, is a reflection of how a country managed to go astray. The students do end the beautiful poem written on a positive note, but do not fail to install a gigantic assemblage of trash (in reference to our crisis of this year), and five mirrors place on the floor cut to the shape of our map (with bits of poetry on them) but which - for practical reasons, students walked over to be able to get to their classes (it was indeed part of the art). A beautiful and meaningful work from a generation that is tired of staled answers.
Students who did this work were: Andrea Hamawi, Amale Breidy, Celine Rizk, Inas Zammar, John Yammine, Kamal Hachem, Lexie Daoud, Lynn Saikaly, Mira Majbour, Miriam Sakr, Pamela Apelian, Remy Salameh, Sandy Hanna, Tatiana Gerges.
Under the direction of: Maroun Kosseifi and Miha Vipotnik