Saturday, December 31, 2016

On the No Garlic No Onions new logo

2016 had to end with a rebranding.... Our fellow blogger Anthony Rahayel decided to get a new page design and a new logo to boot. That rebranding includes pitfalls is something one expeiences with every change - not only is the logo of NGNO everywhere, but it even has a graffiti of it on the street. Still here we are, a change was due and a change was bravely done. Well, oddly this reminds me of a different rebranding case - Zaatar W Zeit. Their original logo was kiddish, aimed at a young target audience and then they realized that the people who love their food and atmosphere graduated from university and would not take their families or colleagues to a place which seems teenager-y in look.
The old logo of NGNO was respectable enough indeed, but truth be told, a certain feeling of being homemade (I know Anthony loves homemade food, but when it comes to design it can be a bit tricky!), so the new one - with no caps whatsoever and with a backdrop that makes the garlic and onion motif of the old logo a shade of grey works like a charm. I like the homeliness of the absence of caps without the air of the homemade one.
Hmm, I know the traces of the old logo will keep popping up everywhere but the new one is very decent and mature! Mabrouk Anthony!