Thursday, November 3, 2016

Why is Ixsir wine referincing Gebran?

"And when you have reached the mountain top...." says the teaser spread on Facebook and Instagram.
The rest of the quote coming from Gebran Khalil Gebran goes "then the climbing starts".
Intrigued? I am
Ixsir tells me "wait till you see the whole bottle, you (specially you) will love it!"
I love it already and still have no idea what it is.
Hint, could it be related to how three different artists see the mountains and what they mean to them? Namely, Dima Boulad, Jad El Khoury and Zeia Abirached?
I am suspecting so, but then - if this is the case the revealer already happened on facebook while the teaser is still ongoing on Instagram. No matter, Ixsir found a great way to distinguish itself visually from burgundy-colored competitors, by name above all (no chateau de...) and then by shape (again, the logo is so distinctive), and now that the wine season has come in full-fledge, by shape!