Saturday, November 5, 2016

#Samoa40andFAB - the 40 years of Samoa goes glitter!

Remember the adage "never ask a lady her age"? Well, times have changed and the older, more confident and mature babes are coming out for their party! Samoa, whereas manufactured in Europe is actually designed in Lebanon, and it seems their in house agency teamed up with creative busy bee Maya Metni for these celebrations (full disclosure: Maya and myself collaborated on the super Pop Memories project for Jaune).
So this is glitter to the mega level, champagne galore and yes, plenty of gifts including a FAB (what else?) Paris trip which comes at the heels (pardon the pun) of women using the hashtag for three months to share their Samoa looks - that this coincides with end-of-year festivities is only a bonus point (sadly I cannot reveal more as the rest of the campaign is under wraps). Samoa is sold through more than 1000 points of sale, and the #Samoa40andFAB (along with the visuals) comes directly from the well-manicured hands of Maya (could not resist the wink).
And so here we are, 40, fabulous and very Samoa! And here's a cheers to ageless beauty!