Saturday, November 5, 2016

Fouad Aouad passes away - Feres no more!

Feres feres yo2bor emmo, kil ma keber byekbar hammo....
To a full generation of people this was the ubiquitous song which meant fun, televsion, laughter, odd storyline, and catchy tunes - actually when revisited by today's standards "Feres ibn emmo" is a bit of a vaudeville no more, but the gust with which Fouad Aouad carried the Marwan Najjar written character, lent it such vigor and presence that one symathized with that odd relationship between Feres (the late - sadly - Fouad Aouad) and his mother (the incredible Alia Nemri who was able to chameleon herself between drama and laughter) along with other - truth be told - more minor characters.
The man who introduced the words "ablama, bayd bi awrama" and "awlkon, chou tabkha el yawm el mama?" is no longer with us. May he rest in peace!