Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Samsung and the Note 7 PR turmoil.

Samsung is in deep crisis over the Note 7 smartphones spontaneous combustion, telling the public they have detected the defect and replacement phones with Lithium batteries offered as a replacement, only to have the replacements themselves went into flames..
The internet loves nothing more than a drama, specifically if it involves a major brand. #bendgate the technical name of iphone 6 models from Apple bending is but one that comes to mind from a competing brand.
Remember Hillary Clinton's pneumonia moment on September 11 and how it has escalated into a major issue simply because her team did not know how to manage the information drip? Well a bit of honesty goes a long way. And this is what Samsung must do now - but considering that Samsung is headquartered in a secretive HQ where even after-work leisure activities are undertaken within the perimeter of the HQ (they include cooking classes and what not), this could point to them playing their cards close to their chest.
And that, naturally, is an issue in a world where schadenfreude rules. With much at state involved, Samsung must include its customers which made it the world-leading Android carrier, and the more open they are, the more forgiving the customers will be. Brand trust is so high that most customers preferred to have a replacement Note 7 phone rather than reimbursement.
Sadly, no matter what public relations advisers tend to tell Samsung, if there's a paranoid culture within the company, then they will try to tell stories and excuses that do not add up. Maybe even play it up publicly with one scapegoat supposedly "responsible" for the problem - Kanye West fired all his staff after his disastrous Season 4 show which included models fainting and not being capable of walking in shoes. It is always "someone else's fault".
With Blackberry just announcing that they are going to stop making their own mobiles and outsourcing the procedure to other companies, this should be a cautionary tale for Samsung that no matter how big the brand, one day it would falter for whatever reason. Providing that reason internally is not a smart move.