Friday, October 14, 2016

Kataeb, comapring apples to Apple

Apparently the Kataeb never heard of never comparing apples to oranges. Their student and youth division (with a very nice logo derived from the mother brand) have been distributing a bag (with the logo above) which contains three apples - the problem is that Lebanon is having an excess apple production and yet is importing apples from outside which creates a stale market from the local ones. This, like everything else in Lebanon, becomes a political tug of war. And Kataeb (the Phalangists) jumped right in. Except I feel the logo above was totally uncalled for, was not something your average Lebanese would sympathize with, and that was indeed a case of comparing apples to Apple...
Since one of the major slogans of the party comes from slain minister Pierre (Amine) Gemayel "you love Lebanon, then love it's industry" (bit7eb Lebnen 7eb sina3to) which could have very easily been tweaked into "love it's agriculture". A missed opportunity indeed.