Friday, September 23, 2016 - a timely ad for end of Brangelina

Need I say more? "Brad is single" - Los Angeles from one way including taxes.... And so there, women would be flocking on this! But the genius of course is how timely the ad is - almost real time marketing but so totally in line with as a carrier. Remind me of a different airline, Cyprus Airways... In 2005 they had the campaign that Cyprus was closer than most Lebanese regions - meaning Becharre 2 hours, Cyprus 40 mins.... Then the day the lead investigator Detlev Mehlis was supposed to issue his report on the Hariri assassination, and considering the whole country was coming to a boil and that the UN investigators were residing in Monte Verde outside Beirut, Cyprus Airways headlined - "Monte Verde 45 minutes, Cyprus 40 minutes". Enough said!