Friday, September 2, 2016

LibanPost at the edge of glory

One ad is perfect, the other less so. LibanPost comes up with the gimmick "while you're happy" which in Lebanese idiom implies that you would not be. Ex - he is going to move that car, while he is happy. Or - he's going to pay that debt, while he s happy. And now "pay your traffic violation, while you are happy" but in this case it is a double-entendre because you would really be happy as you'd be paying it while shopping. Perfect ad.
Unfortunately, it also comes with "full up your prepaid line while you're happy" with the photo of a couple watching a movie, which basically lacks the smartness of the first since filling up a line is not something one does under coercion.
Pity, as the campaign would have been perfect if they found something else in the same vein as paying a traffic violation.