Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Lebanese Army day ads - mostly atrocities if it was not for a couple of exceptions

The super big blunder that Virgin Ticketing Office did via Softimpact predominated the airwaves yesterday, eclipsing the mostly atrocious other ads for Lebanon's Army Day. There were too many trials and errors (mostly errors) but it is interesting to see how too big brands such as Kababji could end up with such - ahem - results.
Kababji goes "you who grilled our enemies" because - tada - it grills its meat, and Smeds went "may God protect you" but "rabb" (God) is very close to "rebb" or tomato paste... So frankly it did not work - at all!!!
Then there are those who tried, one can understand the effort, but sadly, the end result was "meh". Case in point, Tatra.
"With hearts whiter than milk we salute the army on its day". Geddit? "whiter than milk"? Bfff.... Underwhelming, even if one understands the idea the way it came out seems so pressed that they are trying to insert the brand in the occasion.
The rest of the ads veered from irrelevant to boring to just being there.... But two exceptions gave me back my faith. The first is Smoking Barrels bar...
In the hands of a lesser art director, this could have flopped but the colors, effect, shotgun traces, and of course the two cups seen from above as the barrels of a shotgun just make it so lovely and redeeming. The line complements it with "our shots are nothing compared to yours".
And then, after their Ramadan beauty, Clementine doubles down with this cute little masterpiece.